About SPDC

SPDC (Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus) is a charitable, non-profit organisation in Cyprus, which is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray dogs to loving homes in the UK and across Europe. SPDC Rescue UK is the UK registered charity affiliated to the Cyprus rescue.

SPDC is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers and is financially dependent on donations, which are our only source of income. SPDC was founded in 2014 by Elena Papaleontiou and Constantina Constantinou. To find out more about SPDC history and how it all began click here.

SPDC Nicosia is in the process of purchasing the sanctuary outside Nicosia which is home to around 30 dogs. SPDC Nicosia also have dogs in foster care with volunteers and foster families. SPDC Nicosia takes all dogs from two Council pounds and also from the Unified Municipality Pound that are in danger of being PTS. We also take dogs from a local Village pound, from individuals that find stray dogs and also those we find ourselves. SPDC has a very good reputation in Cyprus and dogs are frequently brought to our Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is always under pressure to take in dogs and has a waiting list of dogs needing help as well as the emergency ones that just appear.

We are a no-kill sanctuary and do not practice euthanasia. Rehabilitation is a big part of our philosophy; we believe that no case is hopeless and our guiding principle is that every dog should be given the chance to find a forever home.

The Nicosia Team is Constantina Constantinou, Elena Papaleontiou, and Katy Stewart.

SPDC Limassol help dogs in one particular municipality pound where they have sole responsibility for their care and rehoming but have to abide by the municipality rules. They also have dogs in foster care with volunteers. When space allows, they take dogs from high kill municipality pounds to their own homes to save them from euthanasia. The SPDC Limassol Team is Thea Kynigos and Georgia Leantzi.

SPDC provide the dogs with medical care, food and shelter and we make every effort to find them a new home. Rehoming dogs is not just about finding a home; we pride ourselves on matching the right dog to the right home.

Some dogs have suffered abuse and need to be rehabilitated until they can learn to trust people again. With patient, loving care, even the most broken spirit can be restored. We are thankful that many of our most traumatised dogs are now leading happy lives in their new homes.

SPDC Rescue UK is the registered charity in the UK affiliated to the Cyprus rescue and guides new adopters through the complete adoption process from beginning until after your adopted dogs arrives in the UK. SPDC Rescue UK takes care of all paperwork involved in importing a dog into the UK, registers the dogs microchip and provided any back up after the dog arrives if needed.

SPDC has developed a network of foster homes throughout the UK which are used to home some dogs prior to adoption, but also to provide crucial rescue backup should it be needed.

SPDC UK Team: Debbie James, Lisa Pitt, Heather Jordan, Deanna Hammond, Abigail Keely-ann Tull, Sally Molineaux, Charlotte Bull, Nicola Trelease and Samaya Reid.

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