Adopting from SPDC

SPDC’s entire aim is to find loving homes for all our rescued dogs. We have no set criteria for adoptive homes (unlike many rescues especially in the UK). We assess every home on its individual merits. SPDC want a loving safe and happy home for our dogs.

We will match specific dogs to specific homes but we don’t rule a home out if you have young children or if you work. We match a dog to your needs and check to insure you would make adequate provisions for your dog when at work. This is what the homecheck is all about. We talk to our prospective adopters and build a relationship which doesn’t end when you adopt your dog but continues afterwards.

SPDC offer support and rescue Back Up for the life of your adopted dog. If for any reason your adopted dog needed to be rehomed he would come back into the SPDC family and be found another suitable home. No SPDC dog should end up in a UK rescue centre because SPDC will always take responsibility for their dogs.

The adoption process from Cyprus to the UK

The SPDC adoption process from Cyprus to the UK is subject to a successful homecheck and an adoption fee of £785. The adoption fee is payable in two instalments, a deposit of £400 on return of contract after the successful homecheck and a second payment of £385 payable 2 weeks before your dog travels.

We arrange all the travel and legal paperwork to import your dog for you. The adopter would either meet the dog at the airport or the dog would travel to Belgium and be couriered to the UK with our pet courier. You would then collect your dog from a designated collection point.

All dogs will have all their vaccinations including rabies, blood tests, they will be wormed and flea treated and travel on a European pet passport. If old enough they are also neutered.

All adopted dogs have their microchips registered and come with 5 weeks free insurance.

The adoption process for dogs already in UK foster homes

The SPDC adoption process starts with a home check. Once this is successful there is an adoption fee of £400.

All dogs are microchipped and will have all their vaccinations including rabies, blood tests they will be wormed and flea treated and have a pet passport. If old enough they are also neutered. SPDC dogs when adopted have 5 weeks free insurance.

Additional information

  • SNAP 4Dx Plus (IDEXX) – Dirofilaria immitis, antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi, Anaplasma phagocytophilum, Anaplasma platys, Ehrlichia canis, and Ehrlichia ewingii in canine serum, plasma, or anticoagulated whole blood
  • Speed Duo Leish/ Ehrli (Virbac) – particularly adapted to the wide coverage of areas with endemic infections of both Ehrlichia canis antibodies and of circulating antibodies (lgG) directed against Leishmania infantum
  • IFAT (for Leishmaniosis) – immunofluorescent antibody test
  • Canis Brucellosis – laboratory approved by EU and DEFRA
  • EURICAN – canine distemper (CD), infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) caused by canine adenovirus type 1 (CAV-1), respiratory disease caused by canine adenovirus type 2 (CAV-2), canine parvovirus (P) and parainfluenza type 2 (Pi2) infections
Other treatments

Our dogs are given deworming pills regularly while they are with us and always 24 hours before their flight. They are protected against ticks and fleas with a Seresto collar and given a Frontline treatment before flying.

(The echinoccous treatment before flying is a mandatory requirement of DEFRA and our Government vet services. Without it our Government vet services will not issue INTRA (TRACES) & EHC- EXPORT HEALTH CERTIFICATE).

Where necessary, dogs will also receive CBC analysis, biochemical analysis, treatment for ear infections, teeth cleaning (and extractions when needed).

Dogs needing homes

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