Dog Food

As a rescue that relies totally on donations raising funds is always a problem and also as a rescue we like our dogs to have the best food in their forever homes to keep them healthy and happy…so why not combine both these things!

A high-quality grain-free food where all the profits go straight back to help more dogs in need.

The Grain-Free recipes have been developed by leading pet nutritionists and are of the highest quality. There is at least 50% meat or fish in every recipe. No artificial colours or preservatives. It is competitively priced for a food of this quality. All the profits from the sale of our own label dog food will go to SPDC so we can continue to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and abandoned dogs in Cyprus.

We believe feeding your dog a good quality high meat/fish content and grain-free food is so important to their wellbeing.

The benefits of Grain-Free diets include:

• Less and smaller stools
• Reduced shedding
• Improved skin & coat condition
• Improved breath odour
• Reduced wind
• Reduced itching & scratching
• Reduced digestive upsets

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