Please consider donating

SPDC is run exclusively by unpaid volunteers and is financially dependent on donations, which are its only source of income. The volunteers of SPDC dedicate their time and love free of charge to save, rehabilitate and look after the dogs in our care.

SPDC have to raise funds every month to pay for the Sanctuary rent, to feed the dogs, to pay the vet care for sick dogs, to cover the cost of tick & worm treatment. There is the cost of cleaning materials, of emptying the sewage tank and the rubbish skip…the list is endless.

Although we charge an adoption fee for our dogs, this does not come anywhere near all the costs that we incur in keeping our dogs fed, sheltered and healthy until they can be rehomed.

Please remember that every penny counts. No donation is too small and goes straight towards helping the dogs in our care. Here are some examples of how your donation might be used:

What your donations will help pay forCost
Feeds a small size dog for 2 days€1
2 deworming pills (for dogs up to 10kg)€5
Tick and fleas treatment for 1 dog (less than 10kg)€10
1 vaccine€15
1 vaccine and deworming pill for 1 dog (up to 20kg)€20
1 bag of puppy food (not the best quality)€25
1 bag of quality dog food€30
4dx plus and leishmania snap test and 1 deworming pill€50
1 month's rent for the Sanctuary€650

Every donation helps

One-off donations are always appreciated.

Regular monthly donations are our lifeline and you can set up a regular monthly donation through the ‘DONATE’ button on this page or direct our bank account:

SPDC Rescue UK
40 20 10

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Thank you for your support!