Frequently Asked Questions

What is a homecheck?

A homecheck is a visit by an experienced volunteer to make sure your home is safe & happy environment for your new rescue dog. Also, to make sure your new dog would be a good addition to your particular family. Different dogs suit different families.

How much does it cost to adopt an SPDC dog direct from Cyprus?

Once you have a successful homecheck there is an adoption fee of £785 to help cover the vet care to get your dog ready to fly. We then arrange all the travel and legal paperwork to import your dog for you. The adoption fee is payable in two instalments: a deposit of £400 on return of contract after the successful homecheck, and a second payment of £385 payable 2 weeks before your dog travels.

To adopt a dog already in a U.K. foster home is £400.

Does my rescue dog have to go into quarantine?

No, all SPDC dogs travel on the EU passport scheme and therefore do not need quarantine.

Can I adopt an SPDC dog if I have young children or go out to work?

Yes, we have no set rules on who can and can’t adopt a dog. We homecheck and assess every home individually. Every home might not be suitable for every dog. We will match your home and family to a suitable dog if the home check is successful. If you go out to work we would need to see adequate provisions were made for the dog whilst you were at work. For example doggie day care or a dog walker.

What happens if I can no longer look after my SPDC dog?

SPDC offer Rescue Back Up for life. This means if for any reason you can no longer look after your dog SPDC will take the dog back and find another suitable home. This means no SPDC dog should ever end up in a UK rescue centre.