Fostering for SPDC

Fostering is an important part of helping dogs find their forever homes. When a dog is in foster in the UK it gives the new family the opportunity to meet him. Also a foster home gets the dog ready to be rehomed by house training and teaching manners. It can also give SPDC the opportunity to assess the dog with children and other pets. We learn more about a dogs character when they live in a home environment.

Many dogs get overlooked in the pounds in Cyprus and we try to bring these dogs to foster homes in the UK where they have a better chance of finding a home.

Some dogs spend only a short while in foster before finding a new home others take months. We also use our foster homes for when a dog already in the UK needs to move maybe because of a change in owners circumstances or health. The foster home gives the dog a safe environment while looking for his new home.

To be a foster home you would need a homecheck as any adopter would or to have been homechecked previously. Many of our foster homes are people who have adopted from us already. The foster home takes care of their foster dog as if it were their own, paying for the day to day expenses of food and routine flea and worm treatments but SPDC take care of any major vet bills after consultation with ourselves. SPDC promote the dogs in foster to find forever homes, the foster home can be as involved as they wish with finding a forever home.

If you would like to be a foster home for an SPDC dog please contact us.

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