We weren’t looking for another dog, but we were browsing on a animal charity website and there she was. A blue-eyed little ball of loveliness. Her story goes that she was found in the sweltering heat in Cyprus with two blue eyed puppies. Only a year old herself this must have been so tough for her.

Both puppies were adopted almost immediately but Aster, had to wait, and we are so pleased she did. When I saw how just how adorable she was, the fact that she loved cats and we had two, I knew I had to adopt her. I managed to convince my boyfriend the same!

I chose the name Aster as an aster is a blue flower and ‘asteri’ in Greek means star and she really is the perfect little star.

When I collected her it was like she had always been our dog, but unfortunately our Thai dog meat trade rescue Silk didn’t agree. My brother & sister-in-law helped out and fostered Aster for a few weeks while we worked with Silk & a wonderful trainer called Sharon.

A month later I collected Aster and we did a re-introduction with Silk which was supervised by Sharon. It went so well! Within 3 weeks they were friends and getting on amazingly. Now 9 months later they’re best friends always playing together!

Aster has shown herself to be the most wonderful, funny and such an incredibly loving dog. She can’t get close enough to cuddle you, lies like a person when she gets in bed for a cuddle and is the most sweet and happy soul. She loves nothing more that running along the beach chasing a ball (a miniature tennis ball as normal size ones are just too big!), and everyone who meets her falls in love with her – I really cannot blame them. So friendly to other dogs, visitors and cats!

She really has made the family feel complete and we couldn’t imagine life without her.

HUGE thanks to SPDC for being so amazing and bringing this wonderful dog in to our lives.

Thank you for reading!