My husband and I love dogs, but we are in our twenties and have busy lives in London. We deliberated for ages on whether we would be able to juggle these commitments with the full-time responsibility of a dog – but one evening we just looked at each other and thought, if we want to make this work, we will, and we can! A couple of days later we both separately emailed SPDC about a little Jack Russell called Benny – it must have been fate!

Benny arrived in London as a very anxious little fellow, but with a big heart and a desire to please. From the start, he was immaculately behaved in our house and he’s never been destructive, never had an accident, is happy to snooze for a few hours if we go out. He goes into work at the barracks every day with my husband and is loved by all the soldiers. We always joke that he’s the ultimate rags to riches pooch – from Cyprus street dog to unofficial regimental mascot!

Benny 1

Whenever people meet him they always comment on how remarkable he is and how despite his small size he is so unfazed by busy London and all the noises and people. He just happily trots beside us wagging his tail, as if just having us with him is enough to keep him happy.

Even when I’ve had a really stressful day, I pop on Benny’s lead and we head out for a walk together. Watching him fly through the grass on his stubby little legs, with his ears billowing behind him and without a care in the world – it always makes me happy.

Benny doesn’t like other dogs at all and I don’t think he ever will, but one of the most heartwarming parts of him learning to trust again has been his slow acceptance of my sister’s whippet, whose gentle nature has really helped him to find his feet.

We love Benny so much and he makes us laugh every day. To anyone who is prepared to make room for an SPDC dog in their life you will be rewarded with a constant companion and a devoted friend.

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Thank you for reading!