Banjo, Bungle & Laura

We have been adopting rescue dogs since 2000. We have had dogs from Dog’s Trust, Battersea and dogs who have come to us via our vet and friends.  In August 2015 I saw a friend’s Facebook post with a link to SPDC from whom they adopted their dogs while stationed in Germany. Once I connected to the SPDC Facebook page I was hooked, especially when I saw the beautiful face of a puppy named Lucas.

We already had 3 dogs (Dixie, Fleur and Sassy) but I just couldn’t forget that little face, and so we adopted him in September 2015 and renamed him Banjo. Collecting him from the Woofer’s van at South Mimms services, my leggy boy stole my heart all over again.

Banjo settled brilliantly, but I just couldn’t stop looking at those other dogs in Cyprus still waiting for their forever homes – when up popped Bungle.  The funniest sweetest little cuddle monster, Bungle joined us in November 2015 and he and Banjo have become my best boy brothers.  They adore each other and my little and large are always together.


So, 5 dogs was the magic number – or was it?  In April 2016 we helped an SPDC foster carer by taking her 3 foster dogs while they were on holiday – and the beautiful Laura never went home.  An older girl, Laura had not had an easy life.  She had problem teeth, and after having 17(!) teeth removed she gradually opened up her heart to us.  Now, she is a loving, happy dog – our doggy matriarch – an equal member of our pack who welcomes us home every time with a prancing dance.

And so we were six, but sadly our old girl Fleur died aged 14 and we are now a family of 5.  We may be a motley crew of mixed breed bitsers, but more fantastic dogs you could not find.

But there are rarely just our dogs at this house, as wanting to support the wonderful people at SPDC as much as possible, since May 2016 we have fostered 10 dogs  – further testament to these beautiful dogs and the wonderful job the volunteers do at matching dogs with families.  The dogs have all been so good natured and friendly and accommodating that they adapt to our own dogs and home easily, before moving on to their forever homes.

The SPDC mainstay volunteers work unbelievably hard to help these dogs, and every dog rehomed is their well deserved reward.  Whilst the situation for dogs in Cyprus remains heart wrenching, there’s always hope as long as there is SPDC.  Adopt don’t shop.

Thank you for reading!